Transitioning into a New Age

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The author Ogi Karam working on the ebook,  28.09.2020

Collection of visual and written work. 

Provoking, questioning, guiding
a transition into a New Age.

Includes also graphics and photography made by Ogi Karam himself.

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In which age are we living and towards which are we going?

Can we save nature?

What is the most important keyword in the blockchain technology?

Is there more than Tantra?

Are you a human?

Can we program without a computer?

Is AI really so artificial?

Which are the higher planets?

What is "Generative art"?

What is "Workation"?

What is "Digital Native" and "Digital Nomad"?

What is "Ambivert"?

What is "Minimalism" as a lifestyle?

Which are the "Levels of Martial Art"?

Do we want to live in "Peace together"?

and more ...


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Transitioning into a New Age
by Ogi Karam

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